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Member Standings

This page shows the regional top 20 players. Using the pick list below, you can review all member standings, either for the whole region or for specific venues. Detailed stats on the players are available by clicking on the member's name in the table below.

You can also view members' Second Chance standings.

In addition, listings of monthly venue point leaders are also available.

Top 20 Players for South Vancouver Island Region

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1Barry McLachlan885544100276
2Barry C Rouleau72734657304
3Ben Weller69204438333
4Dan Roy66395143272
5Gary Copeland62955050282
6Jim R Bemister47531327123
7Carol A Barton46343632202
8Ken S McKechnie44194239260
9Glen Ogilvie41793325152
10Larry Edwards40522419191
11Ted J Kennedy37513931180
12Stan Marcus37322326122
13Brad Rautio36912450102
14Kevin Jim3623164163
15Carol Smith35732728131
16Greg Randall35642929200
17Allyson Butt34261822122
18Lauro Genzale32762125181
19Stephen Harrison31112530141
20Jennifer M Lucas30892842151

Detailed Standings for All Members

Here you can see the total points, tournaments played, final tables and wins for all members who have played at least one tournament in the South Vancouver Island Region. You can use the picklist below to choose whether to view regional standings (results for all venues) or to see standings within a particular venue.

Detailed stats on players are available by clicking on the member's name in the table once generated.

NOTE: If a member has not yet played a tournament in the selected venue, they will not appear on this list.